Endwalker Hunt Train Survival Guide

Tired of dying to the A ranks on a train? Don’t care about learning mechanics blind? Here’s a guide on how to not die on Endwalker Hunt Trains. I’m not explaining all the mechanics because you can just use your eyeballs to avoid AOEs.


hulder, some say they prefer fighting her from the rear


Watch her castbar for Rotting Elegy and get inside her hitbox (Donut AOE around boss).Upon casting Tempestuous Wrath, she will dash and then immediately cast one of her AOE spells.Rotting Elegy: Get inside hitbox (Donut AOE)Lay of Waylaid Memory: Get out of front (Cone AOE)


This snek will cast “Aspect” and change colors. It will also have a buff denoting what element it is aspected to.

Earth: Get behind the boss (Circle AOE with cone safe spot behind boss)

Lightning: Get away (Circle AOE around boss)

Wind: Get in (Donut AOE around boss)


sugriva, totally not related to angada


Get out of the way of the main tank. There will be AOEs directed towards them that cleave.Spark: Get in (Donut AOE)Scythe Tail: Get out (Circle AOE)

yilan, please give him pets


When he casts Mini Light, get away (Note if you have a force march debuff). At the end of the cast is a circle AOE around Yilan that will give you the Miniature debuff and make you walk towards him. This debuff will let him instakill you, similar to Supay. Healers can rescue people affected by this.He also casts Bog Bomb and Brackish Rain which targets a random person (or chocobo) with an AOE. Just get away from where he’s facing.


aegeiros, the tree that turns you into popsicles


It will cast Leafstorm which is an AOE inside its hitbox. That’s your cue to get away from the entire front half of it. After Leafstorm goes off, it will immediately use an attack that freezes anyone in a giant half-circle in front of it.Backhand Blow: Get away from behind it

minerva, definitely not an overwatch character


A random person (or chocobo) will be targeted with a marker, and it’ll be either a donut AOE or a circle AOE. Just use your eyes and don’t kill anyone if you’re targeted.Ring Build: Donut AOEAnti-personnel Build: Circle AOE

Mare Lamentorum

lunatender queen, pan cactus

Lunatender Queen

When she casts Wicked Whim, do the OPPOSITE of what her cast demands of you.

mousse princess, moon royalty

Mousse Princess

Whimsy A La Mode will give her a buff that denotes which direction she will face and do a wide cone AOE after casting Princess's Threnody. Get out of that direction to avoid the AOE.


gurangatch, the train destroyer


When it does either Left Hammer Slammer or Right Hammer Slammer, It will smack one side of him in a giant half-circle. Immediately after smacking one side, it will smack the opposite side.When it does Octuple Slammer, it will follow this same pattern while rotating between each smack.Smack one side -> rotate 90° -> Smack other side -> rotate 90° -> and so on…

Visual Guide for Octuple Slammer by Kaguya Kaguya of Adamantoise

petalodus, angry shark


I won’t tell you to interrupt Marine Mayhem, but you might want to if you don't like carnage.Tidal Guillotine: Get away (Circle AOE)Ancient Blizzard: Get out of front (Conal AOE)

Ultima Thule



It will leap at a random target. Once it does, it will do a circle AOE around itself. Get away from where it leapt to.Energy Wave: Get out of frontTail Swipe: Get out of back

fan ail, definitely not twintania

Fan Ail

It’s going to keep diving at random people (or chocobos), so just get out of the way of where it aims itself.Divebomb: Get out of front. Fan Ail will then disappear and be temporarily untargetable but will come back.

Guide by Floon Drif
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